Christmas Time






Richoguy13, Donut664, LilBadger, AgentPolar, Fareseru

Running Time





December 20, 2009

Preceded by

MossiMarketing Commercial -Teacher Repellant Kit

Followed by

The Optimist (Trailer)

Christmas Time (Get In Line) also known as A Very Merry Christmas is the 36th commercially released MossiMovie, which debuted on December 20, 2009. The video depicts MossiMembers as musicians performing, though it does not allude to MossiMusic. (However, the song is still included with the branch.) The video features a special non-canon appearance from The Optimist, and is also one of few MossiMovies to receive an "M" rating due to infrequent course language. The movie was directed by KountryKid. The performance is entirely improvised.


Richoguy13 as The Optimist, Lead Vocalist

Donut664 as The Guitarist.

AgentPolar as The Drummer.

Fareseru as The Triangle Player.

LilBadger as The Shaker.


The video was filmed during spare time at a farewell party for the departure of LilBadger. This message is blindly a farewell performance, as stated in the opening monologue, despite being quiet. Richoguy13 wore his Optimist outfit due to it still being in possession of LilBadger. This was almost a tribute to the video they both starred in.


The MossiMovie received an "M" rating due to the incidental course language from Fareseru.


  • The last official appearance of LilBadger.
  • The performance is entirely improvised.
  • The Optimist appearance is outside the continuity of the film.
  • The guitar used by Donut664 is the same used in The Loser Song (Another Guy.)
  • Fareseru's appearance and performance is a parody of the angst driven metal band "Slipknot."

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