Curtis and Bailey Go To a Puppet Show






Donut664, LilBadger, AgentPolar, Richoguy13, Hawkey1576, HIM

Running Time





December 14, 2011

Preceded by

Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure

Followed by

Interview with a Richoguy13

Curtis and Bailey Go To a Puppet Show is the 47th commercially released MossiMovie and sequel to Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure. It was announced on December 6th by Donut664 who said he'd been re-working further footage from the unreleased MossiMovie, Religion Quest. This marks the third time a video has consisted of unreleased footage. The movie see's the return of Donut664 and Richoguy13 as Curtis and Bailey as they attend a Puppet Show that turns awry and gets them back into trouble.


The movie begins with Bailey enjoying a local puppet show with some other people. After the show ends, he is confronted by Curtis who asks him not to blow his cover. Confused about this, he begins to ask Curtis about what he means, to which he is shocked when he's told Curtis is an illegal alien. When people nearby hear this, a chase begins after Curtis as he tries to get away. Making it to the other side of the road, he is thrown to the ground by Bailey, who is actually insisting that he is helping him out. The two then take on the aggressive men who wish to kick Curtis out of the country. After managing to scare them away, the two celebrate and head home. A post-credits scene again shows Hawkey1576 in a silly out-of-character situation.


Donut664 as Curtis Green

Richoguy13 as Bailey Shepherd

AgentPolar as Puppet Fan #1

LilBadger as Rough Guy.

Hawkey1576 as Puppet Show Host.

HIM in a Cameo.


Donut664 has expressed using more and more unreleased Religion Quest footage to create a new movie. He sought the assistance of AgentPolar to edit the movie and make sure it did not carry any themes alluding to Religion Quest. New title sequences and music were added and the ending scene was again at the expense of Hawkey1576 behind the scenes.

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