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Breakout Role


First Appearance

November 10, 2008

Donut664 is the official leader of comedic alternative group, MossiMovies.


Note: Trailers have been excluded from this list.

Release: Role: Notes:
The Martin Luther Movie Various First appearance, Co-Writer
When Ugly People Get Mad Presenter Heard only
Pram Theft Auto Villain
Religion Quest Curtis Unreleased, Co-Writer
Attack Of The Chickens Laughing Boy Heard only
Bin Racers Laughing Boy Heard only
MossiMen Get Scared Interested Boy #1
We Keep The Camera Rolling Crazy Boy #1
Lost In The Bush Scared Boy#1
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 1: It Begins Sarge
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 2: Escalation Sarge
MossiMarketing Commercial - Teacher Repellant Kit Student/Presenter Director
Christmas Time (Get In Line) Guitarist
MossiMen Stay Alive Lead Dancer
HIM Gets Hate Montage Himself Director
Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure Curtis Co-Writer
Curtis and Bailey Go To a Puppet Show Curtis Co-Writer

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