Fareseru is the 8th member of MossiMovies. He was officially inducted in September 2010, when "Fareseru's announcement" was published on the site.

Following a long history with Lilbadger that included videos featuring animals, Fareseru felt that it was time to take the issue into his own hands.

After a long history of inactivity with the group, he released "Fareseru's announcement". This marked the beginning of his successful career. Following the groups liquidation at the conclusion of 2010, Fareseru has been involved in many coup d'états and is often said to be the traitor within the group. However, The AgentPolar Decline Incident is still a constant reminder to the group that hightened tensions can destroy everything.


Fraser and Xavier in WW2 Private Charlie
Fairies Purple Fairy
Fareseru Presents: Bond, The Quantum Of Solace

Suction-Cup Gun Rampage

Evil Teen
MossiMen Get Scared Himself
We Keep The Camera Rolling Himself
Fareseru Presents: The Lord Of The Rings
Christmas Time (Get In Line) Triangle Player
Fareseru's Announcement Fareseru (Fictionalized)
Julia Gillard Confrontation - Carbon Tax
Matilda Abuses Her Magic
Houdini Jr's Movie

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