Fareseru's Revenge





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December 16, 2011

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Interview with a Richoguy13

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The Tassie Devil's Rejects

Fareseru's Revenge is the 49th commercially released MossiMovie, it is considered the ultimate of mash-ups when compared to Fareseru's past videos. It contains elements ranging from every form of media and non-linear clips that transition into eachother. It is intended to celebrate the group's levels of randomness and humour before the release of the 50th MossiMovie, for which it has a teaser for at the end. The teaser was for the re-release of The Tassie Devil's Rejects, which took the 50th spot.


Richoguy13 as Bleeding Man

Cultural RefererencesEdit

The video features edited footage from movies and television shows that have inspired MossiMovies and their creations.

  • Two scenes of LOST are included, with one being edited solely for humour, and the other being edited into a rap song.
  • A scene from Scary Movie 3 has been edited down and repeated.
  • A fully unedited scene from a Mighty Boosh episode is also shown.
  • Two tracks by Australian artist, Gotye, are heard, they are Eyes Wide Open and Somebody That I Used To Know.

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