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Lauchy McCaul Takes Another Breath! was an upcoming MossiMovie and sequel to 2011's Lauchy McCaul: Take a Breath!. It would have see the return of Richoguy13 in the title role as he explored a new area, with more mayhem as a result. Richoguy13 stated that the setting will be fairly different to the original film. It was also stated that the film will experiment in vocal atmospheres. On February 1st, 2013, MossiMovies announced the film had been cancelled.


After recovering from his first adventure, Lauchy gathers the courage to set out into the world again. But this time, is it going to be too much? - Temporary synopsis.


Richoguy13 as Lauchy McCaul.

- Flo Rida - Filmed his parts in advance, it is unknown of his role in the film.


Richoguy13 has stated that the release date is still very far away, with only the opening sequence and Flo Rida's scenes being complete. When asked about the similarities and differences to the original movie, Richoguy13 stated that the jokes and adventures are on a bigger scale, but it's the same old stupidity. "This one is definitely more art-sy and in my opinion, a much better adventure." he is reported to have said. News broke early February in 2013, with reports stating that the film had been cancelled, due to reasons unknown.

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