MossiMen Stay Alive






Donut664, LilBadger, AgentPolar, Richoguy13, Hawkey1576

Running Time

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November 25, 2011

Preceded by

Outtake from 'The Bump Scene' from Escape From Hawke House

Followed by

HIM Gets Hate Montage

MossiMen Stay Alive is the 44th commercially released MossiMovie, which debuted November 25th, 2011. It also the the second to be based around any form of musical performance. HIM directed the MossiMovie. which is a homage to the popular Bee Gees' song, "Stayin' Alive".


Donut664 as The Lead Dancer.

LilBadger as Backup Dancer #1.

AgentPolar as Backup Dancer #2.

Richoguy13 as Backup Dancer #3.

Hawkey1576 as Backup Dancer #4.


Being part of the original MossiMovie, "Religion Quest", the production was intended to be a small collaboration of the cast to show the audience who'd be appearing and reappearing during the movie. KountryKid is notably missing however, as he was unavailable on the day. Once extraced from the original movie, it was edited to relate to the format of a music video, as the original featured only the scene and music.


  • 1 of 3 MossiMovies to be created from unreleased Religion Quest Footage.
  • The title selected for the MossiMovie appears to be a continuation in a series which started with "MossiMen Get Scared", which also features most of the group out and about.
  • It is notable that Richoguy13 struggles to keep up with the others during the synchronized dance moves. This was unintentional.
  • The text in the video misspells "Bee Gees" as "Bee Jees", it is unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • Despite being filmed in 2009, it was a total of 2 years before it was available to view.

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