MossiMusic is a branch of MossiMovies, mostly dedicated to releasing original and covered songs. It was created around the same time as the actual MossiMovies, however it is debatable as to how official it really was. Original MossiMusic also includes any original tunes or limericks used in any of the released videos.

Original TracksEdit

  1. "The Loser Song (Another Guy)" performed by Richoguy13 in same titled video.
  2. "The Losette Song (Another Girl)" performed by KountryKid in same titled video
  3. "Look Around You" performed by Richoguy13 in "The Optimist."
  4. "Epicness" composed by LilBadger.
  5. "Frase Amazing Song" composed by Fareseru.
  6. "Christmas Time (Get In Line)" performed by MossiMusic. (Richoguy 13 on Vocals, Donut664 on Guitar, AgentPolar on Drums, Fareseru on Triangle, LilBadger on Shakers.)
  7. "The Pub" performed by MossiMusic (A capella by all.)
  8. "Me and My Guitar" performed by AgentPolar and Donut664.
  9. "Untitled Rock Track" performed by Donut664 and Richoguy13.


  1. "Sunshine Of Your Love" originally performed by Cream.
  2. "My Sharona" originally performed by The Knack.
  3. "You Give Love A Bad Name" originally performed by Bon Jovi.
  4. "She's A Genius" originally performed by Jet.
  5. "Holy Grail" originally performed by Hunters and Collectors.


  • "Sunshine Of Your Love" cover appears in "MossiMen Get Scared."
  • "Christmas Time (Get In Line)" is performed by Richoguy13 in his "Optimist" voice.
  • "Look Around You" is completely improvised.
  • "The Losette Song (Another Girl" is no longer viewable on MossiMovies.
  • Many songs have been written but lack written music.

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