Pram Theft Auto




LilBadger, Richoguy13


LilBadger, Richoguy13, Donut664, HIM

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The Adventures Of Dougs

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Fareseru Presents

Pram Theft Auto is the 15th commercially released MossiMovie which is presented in the form of a video game. It became available to view on . The idea to film video-gameplay came from the discovery of a discarded Pram, which became the video's main focus. The title is a parody of the popular video game series "Grand Theft Auto." However, unlike those games, the video is completely in 1st-person.


The game begins with the main character observing a dark room he has just awoken in. Suddenly he is approached by the game's instructor, who gives the "player" instructions on how to interact with their surroundings. Then the main character is put in their first fight, which is against a robotic test dummy. After succeeding in the fight, the game instructor orders the player to leave the area and travel by Pram to an undisclosed location. During this travel, the player is teleported. After waking up, the player witnesses the Game Instructor being defeated by the game's Villain. As fight occurs, and an ally of the player comes to assist in the fight. After lowering the Villain's health, time begins to slow down and the player delivers the final blow to the enemy. After fading out, footage is shown from the sequel, where all continuity has vanished.


LilBadger as The Player

Richoguy13 as The Game Instructor

Donut664 as The Villain

Hawkey1576 as Test Villain

HIM as Retarded Friend

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