Richoguy13's "Emotive Escapades" are a collection of works from his releases which he likes to consider as a series. Currently, the Emotive Escapades consist of three MossiMovies, "Escape From Hawke House", "The Optimist" and "The Tassie Devil's Rejects".


Richoguy13 created the series name, due to his involvement with each one, as they were his ideas, and were also directed by him. He relates them to eachother as they all feature his style of filming and complete improvisation. Each of the three movies feature Richoguy13 with another member of MossiMovies, whom he has given the main role to. The main plot tends to focus on this character, with Richoguy13 playing the friend. The choice of title for the series come from the emphasis and exaggeration of the personalities of the MossiMembers he worked with. For example, LilBadger is known to be negative, which became the base for "The Optimist". MossiMembers also tended to joke about Hawkey1576's intelligence and insanity, which became the base for "Escape From Hawke House". This was again done with Fareseru in "The Tassie Devil's Rejects", which emphasizes his sadism and cringe humour.


Richoguy13 has expressed major desires to complete his series, by directing a movie with Donut664, AgentPolar, KountryKid and HIM individually. He has discussed ideas with AgentPolar mostly recently, some of which regard a boy befriending a Hobo, and a girl trying to get her friends interested in their old activities.

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