Suction-Cup Gun Rampage






Fareseru, Richoguy13, AgentPolar KountryKid

Running Time





August 19, 2009

Preceded by

No information

Followed by

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Suction-Cup Gun Rampage is the th commercially released MossiMovie. It was originally released by KountryKid as a single MossiMovie, but has since become part of The Camp Saga. The movie follows the actual happenings of MossiMembers after they buy a toy gun. A slightly edited version is set to appear in the 2012 movie, The MossiMovies Movie 2.


The movie opens with a large group of friends, some observing quietly, some barging in, who are enjoying a new toy purchased by Richoguy13. A series of events soon follow where the friends test out the gun and shoot calmly at eachother in a fun manner. Suddenly, Fareseru confronts Richoguy13 and insists he take the gun to fire at a teacher, a minor struggle occurs. Afterwards, Richoguy13 appears to be mysteriously covered in soft drink. Keeping control of the gun, he wonders what to properly do with it, at which point, KountryKid suggests they buy a box of nails and glue.


Fareseru as Himself.

Richoguy13 as Himself.

AgentPolar as Himself.

KountryKid as Himself.


  • The movie is famously known to have taken place not long before a nearby girl was shot in the eye. Though not seriously hurt, this caused Richoguy13 and Fareseru to begin panicking.
  • The film is expanded upon in the later release, We Keep The Camera Rolling. This movie fills in the gaps during various MossiMovies released in The Camp Saga. This time, explaining why Richoguy13 is wet and wearing a sheriff badge.

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