Swat Force: Episode 1 - It Begins






Donut664, LilBadger, HIM

Running Time





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Preceded by

Lost in the Bush

Followed by

Escape From Hawke House

Swat Force - Episode 1: It Begins is the 27th commercially released MossiMovie, and the third to be set in a war zone. It is the first of two episodes about a dysfunctional trio of Swat Force soldiers trying to survive and acomplish their objectives. Donut664 plays the protagonist and is followed by LilBagder and HIM. The movie utilizes gunfire sounds, and clever camera angles to indicate enemies. The characters were well-received for their chemistry and performances, LilBadger's particularly.


The film begins with the trio panicking in an underground bungalow, trying to survive heavy bombings from above. After just managing to escape, the trio hurry off to a safer forest area. Once here, they begin scouting the area and singing. Then, Sarge finds an area that he approves of for camping, which displeases Gus. As Dez and Sarge begin to relax and talk about various things, Gus discovers the enemy closing in, and heads off to fight on his own. When he returns, Sarge interrogates him about where he'd been, which starts an argument. After calming down, Gus asks what they're having for dinner. To which, Dez replies: "Baked Beans!"


Donut664 as Sarge, the deadpan leader who improvises his actions.

LilBadger as Gus, the aggressive one who is left to fight the most.

HIM as Dez, the naive and manic soldier who follows whoever can protect him.


The film was shot at a location given by KountryKid, who also directed the film. Rocks also partially used to help create explosions, along with gunfire sounds.

Original TitleEdit

Originally, in September 2009, a MossiMovie trailer released inferred that the series would be titled Team Super Alpha Awesome Cool Dynamite Team Wolf Squadron. However, this proved incorrect once the first episode appeared as Swat Force. Since then, the trailer's title has been renamed.


On October 25th, 2009, a sequel was released. The sequel expanded on the team's journey and personalities, and introduced a physical villain, rather than just one formulated from sounds. It was very well-received.

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