Swat Force III








Donut664, LilBadger. HIM with AgentPolar



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Swat Force III, also known as Swat Force 3: This Time It's Personnel, is a 2014 MossiMovie, and the third installment in the Swat Force franchise. It is ended to bring the original arc of the story to a close. Donut664, LilBadger and HIM returns in the roles of Sarge, Gus and Diz, respectively, while newcomer to the franchise, AgentPolar, plays the villain, Declan Maxwell. It's release date is currenly unclear.


"After a longer than expected journey, a very torn Swat Force gets in the middle of a new problem, with Diz trapped on a landmine, and Sarge and Gus forced to come to terms with everything and do what they can to rescue him and perhaps, themselves." - MossiMovies, 2014.


Donut664 as Sarge, the bumbling team leader who will never admit when he's in over his head.

LilBadger as Gus, the silent assassin who must survive his crazy teammates, above all else.

Him as Diz, the craziest of the lot, whose baked bean obsession has hindered the team at least a few times.

AgentPolar as Declan Maxwell. Polar spoke of the character:

- "He's a character in real power, which the team hasn't come up against before. He's going to bring the entire journey full circle. Up until now, they've faced minor enemies, but now they've got a face to put with all the terror they've gone through."

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