Tasmania is the land which plays a part in the MossiMovie, The Tassie Devil's Rejects. It is this island that Richoguy13 received The Tassie Devil from which spawned the idea for the movie.


Tasmania is mentioned a number of times during The Tassie Devil's Rejects as the director, Richoguy13 used it as the backdrop for his movie's main characters actions. This is because he had travelled to the land with Fareseru and the other MossiMembers in the year prior for a special trip. This trip was the follow-up to the Grampians which took place the year before.


  • Richoguy13 and Fareseru took advantage of Tasmania's reputation by placing many offensive references to the place in their movie.
  • Richoguy13 has stated that after he'd bought the Tassie Devil toy, he would throw it in Fareseru's face while making loud monster noises, which also served as inspiration for the movie. They had joked from the day they'd seen the toy about it coming to life.

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