The 2011 Resurgence is an event for MossiMovies that took place from the middle to the end of 2011. This event refers to the sudden release of various new MossiMovies after a prolonged absense. The main contributors to the resurgence are Donut664, Fareseru and Richoguy13. Some of the new MossiMovies have contained short previews for The MossiMovies Movie 2 .


Angry Protestor on Carbon TaxEdit

Matilda Abuses Her MagicEdit

MossiMovies Stunt Games IEdit

Curtis and Bailey's Desert AdventureEdit

Curtis and Bailey Go to a Puppet ShowEdit

Interview with a Richoguy13Edit

Fareseru's RevengeEdit

The Tassie Devil's RejectsEdit

Technical IssuesEdit

The release of The Tassie Devil's Rejects became an issue after a rough copy of the MossiMovie had rendered improperly and lacked the latest edits made to it. This lead to a short period where the film became unavailable until it was finally re-released on December 15th, 2011.

Sylistic ChangesEdit

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