The Camp Saga is a name given to a series of related MossiMovies that were all filmed during a special trip to the Grampians, Australia. In each of these videos, the MossiMembers experience different aspects of forest life and exploration. The small saga is notable for featuring every MossiMember at least once. The saga began with Suction-Cup Gun Rampage and ended with Lost in the Bush .


The MossiMovies were filmed incidentally by KountryKid during a trip to the Grampians in Australia. Whilst here, the MossiMembers got up to various michiefs which were then the grounds for the movies. MossiMovies have confirmed that none of the videos were set up. One of the releases, We Keep The Camera Rolling is a complete montage of various evenets that tie together the other Camp Saga episodes.


  • The Suction-Cup gun shown to be used by Fareseru and Richoguy13 became confiscated on the same day as the MossiMovie it was in got released. The two have stated this was because they struggled over possesion of the gun until someone fired it and hit a nearby girl in the eye.
  • In MossiMen Get Scared, KountryKid captured footage of the others actually sneaking into another part of the camping area and getting scene by other people who then proceeded to run towards them in anger. This has been a long running question in MossiMovies history, as the video never shows or explains why they run away.
  • In Lost in the Bush, the gang genuinely became lost after trailing off from the group they were with. The panic in the video was authentic, and according to Donut664, they got in a lot of trouble for it.

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